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What my clients say....

"Anxiety is a strange thing. You don’t realise how controlling it is until it no longer controls you. Late last year I made the decision to take control of the crippling feeling I suffered  most days that seemed to engulf me with an overwhelming urge to hide from the world. I remember telling Jackie, during my first session, that I wanted to run away from the feeling. It was while I was talking through this, that I realised that I couldn’t run away from the feeling in my head and stomach. I needed to understand it. Jackie has helped in more ways than I could ever imagine.

Sometimes I leave thinking that I have just talked for the whole session and not found a solution, and yet every time, that solution comes to me, whether it be on my drive home or later in the day.

After each session I have left feeling lighter and calmer and now, I can honestly say that I feel able to face the inevitable moments of anxiety that are normal in day to day life. I can’t recommend these sessions enough, they have changed me and my way of thinking. I no longer feel anxiety about things out of my control, I don’t ‘sweat the small things’ and I understand that other people’s reactions or emotions are not my worry. I can manage me, and therefore I am my priority.

Here’s to continuing this journey to feeling content and calm in my life, work and family".



"Thank you, I often think of you, a little gentle voice in my head encouraging me to be kinder to myself. 

When I first had a conversation with a Jackie I was fatigued and depressed. I was struggling to understand why I couldn't honour commitments I made to myself. I found Jackie's calm and astute questioning helped me to find my way through and take better care of myself. Last time I spoke with her I was bubbling with energy and excitement and shifting into a whole new world.  

What I needed was Jackie. With her eclectic mix of skills she was able to use aspects from each of those disciplines to help me find my way through."  

I turned to Jackie when I knew I needed to change my mindset from negativity to positivity and from feeling inadequate to practicing gratitude for everything that I have. Jackie's gentle but perceptive questioning helped move me on to a lighter and much more positive outlook." Tina Norfolk


"Jackie is truly inspirational! Making any change seems overwhelming but Jackie shows you that you have the power in you to make small changes that add up to super powers. She helped me realise I have all the tools I need to be amazing, it’s all there inside us all, Jackie helped me to help myself uncover my awesomeness! I have more energy, power and “oomph” for life since spending time with Jackie coaching and training with me. Even when life gets hard she has given me so many practical tips on how to not just manage, but thrive. Thank you so much."  Jessica Swain


"Jackie has totally changed by outlook on my body and health. Going into it I was apprehensive that I would hear the same rules and be told the same restrictions. 

I have tried most diets but Jackie helped me to actually realise that it is so much simpler than the ‘diet’ industry makes it out to be. Really loved the whole experience and would recommend it hugely. I feel great in myself body physically and mentally. Thank you Jackie!" Anna, London


"I cannot recommend enough the extraordinary change that working with Jackie has had on my life.  It has been truly life changing. I feel like a totally new person who carries none of the unnecessary baggage that I have carried around for years."  From a grateful client.  Sue from North Walsham.


"From the outset I knew this was different, I've changed how I think about my health, which means that I make different choices.  Its opened up a whole new world where I'm in control!  Thank you Jackie."  Victoria, Bury St Edmunds.

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“I matter”, say that aloud. Say it again.  You matter.  With various and distinct demands on our time, and daily life sapping our energy, it’s a fact we can easily forget.

Whether you’re giving your all to a career or supporting and caring for others you need to find time and space for yourself again. Putting your needs first may have felt unrealistic, uncomfortable, or even impossible to accomplish. Your health and wellbeing may have become compromised or completely forgotten, which, in turn, has become a habit over the years.


Perhaps you want to improve your physical health, increase your happiness, or feel in control and confident.  Maybe you long for better levels of energy, weight loss, a change of direction, or more balance in your life?  You may have wanted to make changes for years, or perhaps you have a sudden desire to do something different and you’re working through it.  Either way, it’s all within your reach.   


Everyone has the ability to make a change but taking the first steps on your own can feel daunting. Tackling personal development with a coach by your side, someone on hand to help you find your courage, to support you, to work through the challenges that pop up on the journey can keep you on you on the right path.


By learning new habits over time, you can change the way you live, for life.  That’s why my programmes are not a quick fix or short-term solution. Coaching for health and wellness means different things to different people, which is why I get to really know you and what makes you tick.  What works for one person won’t work for another - we all have our preset beliefs and ways of working, which means it’s not possible to have a one-size-fits-all approach.


By nature, coaches are good listeners but they do so much more.  A good coach will create a safe place, understand your personal challenges and work with empathy – encouraging you to find new limits in line with your goals and your values and beliefs. 

I was once in the same place as you are now so I understand some of the fears you face and want to overcome.  Whilst I motivate and mentor, my programme is always led by you and is at your pace.

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Challenging beliefs



I am a Health and Life Coach.  I help all kinds of people unlock their potential, make meaningful and lasting change and take control of their energy, health and happiness.

I am now, to my clients, what I needed for years when I tried unsuccessfully to find balance and a healthy way to approach fitness and nutrition. 

I became what I wished I had had to help me then.   I specialise in giving my clients the sometimes longed for behaviour change around their health and fitness, giving them freedom and control through the power of 'choice', gifting them the ability to achieve more, in less time and feel fabulous about themselves.

What's your story?

Jackie Trenavin

The Mindful Body Coach

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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"The mind is everything, what you think you become".


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