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Coach Jackie Trenavin sitting and smiling wearing a green top and glasses.


Welcome to my website, I'm delighted you've found me and read this far... 


I am a Life and Health Coach specialising in supporting people through times of deep stress, anxiety and burnout.  I help all kinds of people on a 121 basis to move through and past pain and trauma to unlock their full potential and take control of their health and happiness.


All my adult life I liked to work and play hard, at the same time fostering an unhealthy tendency to make sure everyone else was happy.  I didn't prioritise myself, especially not my health and if I did manage to squeeze time in for me, it was either to eat and drink too much to let off steam or punish myself in the gym. Ultimately this led to first a brush with, and then a period of full and total burnout.  With burnout, once you get to the shut down stage there is no longer any arguing with it, it has control, and you feel like you are no longer in the driving seat of your own life.  This can be devastating to your world and, without support from family, friends and trusted professionals absolutely terrifying.


I've felt the pain of what feels like having your life taken away from you through lack of control and I've successfully not only found my way back, but rebuilt myself and my life to be better than ever before.  What's more, I would confidently and comfortably say that these dark and challenging experiences are the best thing that could have happened to me.  I am here to help you see where you are now is not where you need to be, its all part of a rich journey that you will be able to look back on with gratitude.  

As for most people, turning my life around was a slow process, it was punctuated by a number of absolute 'light bulb' moments.  The first and foremost of these was the realisation that less was more, in a number of key areas of my life.  The second and by far the most profound was that I actually had power and choice over it all.  ​


So, I became what I wished I had had to help me then.  I trained as a Personal Development Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and in addition a Polyvagal Therapist (nervous system regulation) as well as a Personal Trainer.  I now specialise in giving my clients the sometimes longed for behaviour change around their health and wellness, giving them freedom and control through the power of 'choice', gifting them the ability to achieve more, in less time and feel fabulous about themselves.​​


I am the luckiest person I know, I get to do what I love every day.​


What's your story?​


Jackie Trenavin

The Mindful Body Coach


​Get in touch for your free consultation...

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