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I am a Life and Health Coach.  I help all kinds of people unlock their potential, make meaningful and lasting change and take control of their health and happiness.

I am now, to my clients, what I needed for years when I tried unsuccessfully to make significant change in my personal and professional life and find balance and a healthy way to approach my own health and wellbeing.  All my adult life I liked to work and play hard, at the same time fostering an unhealthy tendency to make sure everyone else was happy.  I didn't prioritise myself, especially not my health and if I did manage to squeeze time in for me, it was either to eat and drink too much or punish myself in the gym. 

For me, whilst turning my life around was a slow process, it was punctuated by a number of absolute 'light bulb' moments.  The first and foremost of these was the realisation that less was more, in a number of key areas of my life.  The second and by far the most profound was that I actually had power and choice over it all.  

So, I became what I wished I had had to help me then.  I trained as a Personal Development Coach, NLP Practitioner and qualified as a Personal Trainer.  I now specialise in giving my clients the sometimes longed for behaviour change around their health and wellness, giving them freedom and control through the power of 'choice', gifting them the ability to achieve more, in less time and feel fabulous about themselves.

​I am the luckiest person I know, I get to do what I love every day.

What's your story?

Jackie Trenavin

The Mindful Body Coach

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