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As we travel through life from our infancy our brains store up information about all our experiences.  Without this we wouldn't be able to function in this world.  It stores the good, the bad and ugly away and labels it as such.  When we encounter a situation in our today, we then use this stored information label (good, bad, ugly) to help us make judgements and navigate our day to day, moment to moment decision making.  

Sometimes however, we might have registered an experience as a negative one, when perhaps we were young (this may be as little as a comment made to us once) and this has formed a 'belief' which can hold us back or cause us difficulty in our now.  

NLP is a therapy that enables us to reach those long ago or maybe not so long ago experiences and effectively reprogramme our experience of them to enable us freedom from their hold on us.


Using tools and techniques, NLP can be practiced as a stand alone therapy or, as I use it with clients, an integrated part of our sessions. 


The words we use, to ourselves (internal narrative) and in conversation offer clues as to where things might be stuck and there is opportunity for a change or broadening in perspective.  

In addition, NLP also uses tools and techniques such as anchoring to support a change in state, which means taking us from an unhappy place, to a happy one. 

So this gentle therapy is a perfect partner for a coach and client to engage with throughout the session.


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