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Is it for me?

Almost a quarter of the population will experience some level of anxiety during their lifetime.   Anxiety and stress often go together, continued and prolonged stress causing episodes of anxiety or even panic. 

Management of stress and tools and techniques to deal with the effects of anxiety is key in getting to the other side and get to the other side you very much can and will, as unlikely or dark as it feels.  

Fundamental to moving past these times is awareness.  Awareness of our thoughts and feelings and strategies and tools to manage those arising.

Using a coached approach and methods such as NLP and Nervous System Regulation we will chart your path.  We will identify your triggers and we will create a strategy for you to employ to not only 'put out the fires' but to anticipate and quell them before they burn.

But coaching for stress and anxiety resilience is so much more than this.  By understanding how and why you think the way and the things you do is a lifelong tool that you get to take away, leaving you in control of your own mind.  The best gift you can be given.

Misty Slope
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