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Scrap the app

How healthy are your health goals?

There is significant evidence that suggests a fixation with diet (even a healthy one) or over exercise is more harmful than healthful. So how do we work out what is or isn’t in our best interests?

Many of us (myself included over the years) have lost the ability to be intuitive about ourselves, our bodies, our wellness. We’ve forgotten how to ‘tune in’ and have become overly reliant on external or environmental cues to tell us what to do and when.

For example an App for calorie or step counting is fine to some extent and in some circumstances (and necessary in some instances) but its existence can take away your own ability to think or feel what is right for your body at that time. An over reliance on rules which involve numbers (calories/steps) diminishes intuition and accountability in your everyday choices; to feed what is the complex system of your body and mind.

Take a walk because you need a change of scene, fresh air and to move your body; because it makes you feel good to be outside, not to meet some numeric and theoretical goal. Move in a way that is fun so you want to, not have to. Eat a cake or banana because you want it and because your body and mind will benefit from it and you know this.

Healthy goals should involve being aware of yourself and for yourself. They should be long term, kind and flexible. Healthy goals take some serious thought at the outset to be sure they are destined to be achievable and achieved but more important specifically with health goals, maintained.

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