Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Struggling to make sustained lifestyle changes?  Keep on trying the same old things, this or that diet; join the gym, keep it up for a bit and then stop going? 

Want to feel in control of yourself stick to the decisions you make and then actually enjoy them?

Well there's good news for you, this is totally and utterly within your capability. 

During our coaching sessions we work together to really understand what makes you tick (and what sends you running for the hills). The coaching programmes will show you how to make changes to both what and how you think, in terms of your health and wellbeing.

The coaching incorporates tools and techniques that enable you to think differently, really differently, about yourself and the choices you make. 

Whether you wish to use the 1-2-1 coaching or incorporate it into a personal fitness programme, you will find yourself free of limiting beliefs and becoming the you that you always wished you could be.

Yoga Practice



To say we are all unique is at best a cliche when it comes to our health and physical fitness.  What we need and want to achieve will change throughout our lives.  Whether its a six-pack, or joints that move free of pain, to walk to the shops and carry the shopping or to run a marathon or swim the channel, you literally can achieve your dreams.  This uniqueness and timeliness is what we will base your plan around.

It's not necessary to trudge to the gym (unless that's your bag).  I believe in core strength, flexibility and functionality and my programmes include all aspects of outdoors and indoors activities perfectly tailored to you.  I will even come along with you (within reason...) if you would like the company.  

What makes working with me different is that we will look holistically at a range of activities that best suit your goals but more importantly things that you love to do.  

Green Goodness


Forming healthy habits for life

In our society today, the word 'diet' has ceased to reflect how we choose to eat and become synonymous with the restriction of food groups, and counting of calories.  We have forgotten that food is our fuel and that its purpose is to meet our energy needs and those of full fitness and vitality.  

Whilst being on a (permanent) 'diet' might, at times, meet your needs in terms of physical appearance; more often than not it does not meet your overall long term health and wellbeing needs. 

Being on a 'diet' psychologically takes us, the dieter, out of the driving and right into the passenger seat.  

Our coaching will support you in making nutritional changes and shifts in behaviour that will give you long term health and wellbeing with the 'side-effect' of weight loss that you long for.

You can throw away your scales and relax and you can forget you ever heard the word diet.


"The mind is everything, what you think you become".



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